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Ice Plants 

Ice as a cooling medium has many applications in all parts of the world, escpecially in tropical countries. We at GEA Grasso Philippines can advise you on the best suitable ice form you need depending on your valuable processes and products.


Block ice 


Flake ice 


Tube ice 

The block ice industry has proofed its existence over the years. Even until today the block ice is used for (sea-) food cooling and direct consumption. Block ice industries engineered by GEA Grasso Philippines are very well known because of the low power consumption.    Any ice, as it melts, enables a product to be cooled and protected from dehydration and can even restore its natural moisture level. Flake ice has all these properties and something more. Its temperature and specific form offer extra benefits to many food and industrial processes.  

Tube ice is becoming very popular, mainly due to the increasing demand in hotels, restaurants and retail outlets, requiring hygienic and easy to handle ice with a nice appearance. All these features can be found in tube ice.